Hello, I'm Charles

I’m a full-stack software engineer who is excited about solving problems, from a brute force first pass, to successive refining iterations, to a result that is both elegant and efficient.

My approach to work, in general, is informed by my prior experience of founding and running a successful business for many years.

Recently, I created Artemis, an open-source, serverless framework for scalable API load testing built with Node.js, k6, Telegraf, AWS Timestream, and Grafana, and deployed utilizing the AWS CDK and SDK.

Portrait of Charles

Artemis is an open-source, serverless framework for scalable API load testing. It fills the gap by enabling the user to execute tests of varying volume and duration. The user can run tests that meet their needs, without the constraints of limited local resources or the limitations imposed by a paid cloud solution.

Artemis is an easily deployable, cloud-based testing framework that provides near real-time results and robust data retention. Artemis utilizes an open-source load testing tool with a performant runtime (written in Go) that leverages a ubiquitous scripting language (JavaScript) and provides a clean, customizable dashboard to visualize test results in a meaningful way.

With Artemis, users can run load tests without restrictions on the number of virtual users and the test duration. Aggregated test results can be visualized in near real-time with the provided dashboard, and test results are retained in long-term storage, allowing the user to further parse, transform or query the data as desired.

Small Projects

TortoiseBin screenshot


A tool for receiving and debugging webhooks built using Nginx, Node.js/Express, PM2, and PostgreSQL.

Trellis screenshot


A Trello-like kanban board for task tracking built using MongoDB, Express, Node.js, React, and Redux.